The $1k Project raised $3.3M to help over 1,100 American Families during the COVID pandemic. We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers and sponsors for all they've done. The project is no longer accepting sponsor and family applications. Here are places you can donate to help more.

$1,000 For each of the next 3 months

The 1k Project uses a network of trusted connections to directly match a family impacted by the pandemic with a family committed to giving them $1k for 3 months.



Andrew Yang’s nonprofit, the Humanity Forward Foundation, will match donations up to $1 million. The $1K Project will provide the infrastructure for fundraising, recipient nomination, and disbursement. Selected families will receive $1,000 each month for three months by being matched with a sponsor.

Helping those who need it most - Directly.

The pandemic has impacted all of us and forced a significant number of small businesses to close and lay off their staff. Our project connects families in need with families who can sponsor them. We hope this bridges the gap until they have new employment or other assistance flowing.

we've helped families with $3 Million from sponsors

We're honored to try helping families impacted by the pandemic and to share their stories.

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  1. Business owners and others can share our application with families who have lost income due to the pandemic.
  2. Families apply by listing their referrer and entering basic information to help us match them with a committed sponsor via a private GoFundMe page.
  3. Our team documents the ‘referral chain’ back to The 1k Project before sharing their campaign page with a potential sponsor.
  4. Once a sponsor confirms the match, they fund the family $1,000 for each of the next 3 months through the private GoFundMe campaign.


We’re a team of tech entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers - but more importantly, we’re moms, dads, and neighbors who are trying to do our part to help those who could use a hand.

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Frequently Asked

What happens once I refer someone?

When you refer someone, we provide an application link to gather a description of their current situation and some basic information. We'll use this to determine a fit with sponsors and create a private GoFundMe campaign. The ‘referral chain’ and basic information is shared, but we do not share the full name or identity of the family.

How do you find people in need?

Participants can be referred by a past employer, community leader, or family member. Individuals can also submit their own application. Our volunteer team works to document a ‘referral chain’ back to our core team. As we expand our team, the network we help does too.

Who is eligible to be referred for support?

Currently, we are prioritizing families in critical need of support due to loss of income from the pandemic.