Foundations, large companies, high net-worth individuals, startups, venture firms, schools,  small businesses, crypto communities, artists and individual sponsors have supported families through The $1K Project for Ukraine.

Here is how YOU can get involved.

Startups and VCs

#StartupsForUkraine - A campaign to show the collective power of the entrepreneurial community. We called on 1,000 Startups and Venture Capital Firms to  donate $10,000 and sponsor 10 families each.

We received an overwhelming support and over $3,000,000 has been already donated by these organizations and many others.

Join #StartupsForUkraine

Large Companies

If you are a large company looking to empower your employees to help Ukrainian families here are 3 ways you can get involved today:

1. Donate:  Every $100,000 donated funds 100 families.
2. Offer an employee match through Benevity or another program.
3. Spread Awareness: Do a single day The $1k Project for Ukraine home page and social take over.

Email donors@1kproject.org if you are interested in making a large corporate contribution.

Thank you to employees of Yahoo!, Google, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft and others for donating!


We have received significant donations from foundations, both large and small. If your foundation is looking to directly support Ukrainian families, please donate through 1kproject.org/donate or send wires through 1kproject.org/wire. For questions please email donors@1kproject.org

Thank you to Choose Love, Shapiro Foundation, CJP,  Hersch Foundation, Cordes Foundation, Renaissance Charitable, American Endowment Foundation, Marin Community Foundation, Spur Community Foundation, Sarah Venture Foundation, Foundation of NE Florida and many others for your support.

Local Fundraisers

We have been so impressed with support and creativity of restaurants, schools, communities and local businesses. Some have ran The $1k Project for Ukraine dedicated fundraisers and some did The $1k Project Home Page takeovers. Here is a QR code and posters you can use for your local fundraiser.

You can donate all money raised through 1kproject.org/contribute.

Tweet us @1kprojectorg to let us know about your fundraiser!


Artists and NFTs

From the world's leading photographers with Art Partner's Prints for Ukraine campaign to Meta Angels’ Ukrainian NFTs the creative and crypto communities are raising funds for The $1k Project for Ukraine.

To collaborate on creative & crypto projects & events email donors@1kproject.org.


If are looking to sponsor a family directly, please visit 1kproject.org/sponsor. To make a donation to The $1k Project for Ukraine please visit 1kproject.org/donate.

We have received an overwhelming support from thousands and thousands of sponsors. We are incredibly grateful to everyone.

Thank you to Jennifer Rubio and Stewart Butterfield for running an incredible 48 hour match campaign resulting in $2.2M raised.

Special thank you to:

Moisey Uretsky, Ty Danco, Ed Shapiro, Matt Ocko, Jason Lemkin, Ben Uretsky, Dwight Merriman, Allyson Downey, Ron Conway, Deborah Quazzo, David Steinberg, John D. Couch, Paul Isaac, Shakil Khan, Ciaran OLeary, Evan Segal, Thierry Schellenbach, Fred Wilson, Greg Fullmer, Markus Pillman, Bryan Taylor, Vladimir Zhukov, Hannah Stenmark, Nick Smirensky. Ted Leonsis, Julia Palatovska, Lucas Morea, Robert Douglas, Sylvie Job, Stephane Michel Kurgan, Barry Large, Ian Ownbey, Sara Chipps, Katie May, Sara Hagerman, Jeremy Levine, Steve KauferEmily & Greg Waldorf, Ari R. Weinstein, Kent Bennett, Frances Spark, Aydin Senkut, Kristopher Brown, Todd and Laura MacLean, Ira Weiss, Jim O'Brien, Max Lytvyn, Claire Johnson, Lee Hower, Andy Bursky, Josh Kopelman. Roger Ehrenberg, Chad Dickerson, Peter Bloom.

In addition to sponsoring,  everyone can help spread the word, and help more Ukrainian families.

The 3 most impactful ways to help are:

1. Direct Message 3 of your friends or family members directly, tell them about the project.
2. Share the badge on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social. See sample Tweets below.
3. Post about The $1k Project for Ukraine in your company Slack.